S Hudson Photography


When I say, "Capturing those moment you never wish to forget", that's exactly what I mean.  There are so many moments in life.  Those moments that you say, "Oh, I wish I had a camera!", or when you think of how fast your baby's first years went by.  Your engagement, your wedding, when your first baby is born, those Birthday parties and Anniversaries.  Each moment is special.  When I photograph your special moment, I want you to be able to look at your pictures 10 years down the road, and feel that moment.  That's what photography is to me.

I started in photography in October of 2012 when I was just playing around with a friends camera, and took some really awesome shots.  I then joined her for a few months at Pictique Photography, which is also where I really got my feet wet in photography.
When I am not taking photos, I am the Office Manager for AutumnBridge Hospice. I have three children, who are all grown, and two grandchildren, plus a new grandbaby on the way. I am extremely proud of each one of them. I am passionate about animals, and I also own Heavenly Acres Farm in Guthrie, OK, where I have two Border Collies and TMobile, my oldest dog, cats, Nubian goats, miniature pigs, chickens, and Guineas.